PUNCTURESAFE - Prevent Punctures Before They Happen

Pre Puncture Tyre Sealant


Pre Puncture Tyre Sealant

Industry-leading, anti puncture liquid tyre sealants

Puncture Proof Car Tyres

At PunctureSafe Torquay we provide a quality solution and professional and reliable installation service which prevents punctures and extends your vehicle’s tyre life. It will also prevent dangerous blowouts, vehicle down time and provide guaranteed peace of mind. 

All the PunctureSafe range of products contain our unique FlexxaGel™ gel which is installed for you by your qualified, local Torbay based installation team (who cover all the TQ postcode area in Devon) & will resolve future punctures in seconds of them happening!

FACT!! High amounts of all tyre blowouts are caused by slow punctures and our unique gel solution covers slow punctures within seconds thus greatly reducing the risk of future tyre blowouts.

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A Permanent Seal
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100% Non-Toxic, 95% Organic
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Extends Tyre Life
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Improved Fuel Economy
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Reduced Downtime
Pre puncture tyre sealant proudly made in the uk

Pre Puncture Tyre Sealant Proudly Made in the UK What is PunctureSafe?

PunctureSafe is a revolutionary product created from a special blend of polymers which coats and clings to the inner tyre offering excellent pre puncture tyre sealants.  PunctureSafe is a permanent puncture prevention treatment, tyre life extender and conditioner

Previously available products (and most current ones) have simply “fallen apart” at speeds of 40 mph and over, because they were manufactured for the construction industry’s slow vehicles, but eventually made their way into the high-speed markets creating problems. 

PunctureSafe is not a get you home product, it is applied before punctures occur and permanently seals punctures as they happen.  Often reviewed as best car tyre sealant UK

Once installed, PunctureSafe anti puncture liquid, seals punctures and conditions your tyre’s inner tyre seal casing preventing porosity leaks caused by tiny holes and cracks. In other words after installing PunctureSafe your tyres maintain correct air pressure and the need to regularly top up with air is virtually eliminated.  How about that for tyre treatment? Plus, with correctly inflated tyres you  benefit from greater fuel economy saving you money and your tyres will run cooler eliminating any heat build-up issues 

Once treated with PunctureSafe, not only will your tyres last considerably longer, cooler tyres are less susceptible to punctures. PunctureSafe puncture sealant is water based for easy clean out if ever you need to do this and is installed in minutes through the tyre valve with very little air loss and without removing any wheels.

We manufacture 4 grades covering every vehicle sector

If you’re keen to find out some of the commonly asked questions such as How long does tyre sealant last? or How does tyre sealant work? or even How to prevent bike punctures? please visit our FAQ’s. Car owners, make sure you get Puncture safe car tyres! Motorcyclists, Puncture safe is guaranteed tyre sealant for motorcycles too! So if you’re looking for the best motorcycle tyre sealant puncture prevention product on the market, look no further.

We install and sell PunctureSafe products for all types of vehicles, from bikes and buggies all the way up to the heavy-duty vehicles usually associated with the construction industry such as excavators, loaders and HGV’s.

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Suitable for cars, vans, touring caravans & motorcycles.
Available in 20 litre, 5 litre, 2 litre & 1 litre containers

Puncture prevention for heavy good’s vehicles (hgv’s), trucks, lorries, coaches and buses.
Packaged in 20 litre & 5 litre containers.

Puncture prevention for tractors, earthmovers, telehandlers, golf buggies, quad bikes and ride-on lawnmowers.
Packaged in 20 litre, 5 litre & 2 litre containers.

Puncture prevention for bicycles.
Packaged in 20 litre & 5 litre containers.
Also available as a single 250 ml bottle.

Our Working Process
Our tyre anti puncture liquid products are proven to prevent dangerous blowouts! Don't leave it til it's too late!

If you’re interested in puncture proof car tyres (or any other vehicle) it’s as easy as following the steps below. We look forward to speaking to you.

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Step 1 Make an Appointment

It’s a quick and easy, 5 minute process. We simply need a few details from you.

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Step 2 We'll Come To You

On-site installation anywhere in the Torquay area, at your convenience.
No fuss, No worries!

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Step 3 Tyre Sealant Installed

Never worry about a puncture ever again as your vehicle is now PunctureSafe!

Tyre Treatment Puncture Prevention Videos

The videos below show everything about PunctureSafe from how our we install the product, product demonstrations of PunctureSafe’s ability to seal punctures instantly (the ultimate puncture seal) as well as promotion videos. If there’s a video you’d like to see here, let us know.